320-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

November 15th, 2552 – Escape
Convict Consriptee Kat James Reporting

I find it amazing that even when fleet-wide events aren’t broadcast here, how much people picked up on. Yesterday there was a tension that was palpable, today when the ship started to rumble and we felt the first explosions, we knew before the klaxon went off, that we were under attack.
It was the Lasatia and while most of the crew was heading for escape pods, I was making for the Gumbo.

Adalgisa had been trying to herd us towards the nearest escape pod, but as one blew up as it detached, I nodded and gestured towards the Gumbo.

It started with the five of us, and we picked up a few more along the way as we tried to avoid the shock troops who’d slipped aboard.

Once we were in the Gumbo, Adalgisa tried to grant us clearance and unlock the Gumbo from the dock. When that failed I sighed and told everyone to strap in.

At least with the ship blowing up around us, I didn’t feel guilty about slipping into the well from onboard the Blossom.

It was a bit disorienting, I’m not used to opening a well from within a ship, and I’m pretty sure some of the deck plating came with us, but after that, there just wasn’t time to worry about it.

The Lasatiea were hot on our trail and we needed to jump again. I worked my way through, doing double jumps, and then opening several wells at once before jumping, flying away from the well for ten minutes, and then jumping again.

I didn’t stop until we’d found a nice moon to hide behind and then, we waited.

Dinner was a meager affair, but thankfully no one complained. I don’t think I could have taken that.

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