332-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

November 27th, 2552 – Into the void III
Escape Pilot Kat James Reporting

We’ve managed to skirt the void for most of the day, but it seems that the area is more permeable?

The closest I can think if is, if you take a dried-out sponge, with a lot of channels and passages in it and then drop it into a wash bin filled with soap and water, the sponge absorbs the water and everything in it, including the soap, in our case, any Gumbo that happens to be in the washbasin.

The void walkers seem to be trying to shepherd us through the void, but it’s really hard to tell if they’re trying to protect us or round us up.

Adalgisa has stated that we do not belong here and should leave. Askir and Almir haven’t said it, but we can tell that they do not want anything to do with the void and the Gumbo is starting to show signs of wear that shouldn’t happen if we were in normal space.

We decided that the next time we are able to slip out that we will move further away from the void.

As we moved through one of the channels, the Parataph technicians came up with a method of detecting the porous areas around the void, and with Almir’s help, they were able to develop a module that could warn us.

Once we were out of the area and back in normal space I duct-taped it to the main console. Then we headed back towards normal space.

All I can say is the sensor did its job and once we’re somewhere safe, I want to set down and wire it in properly, with something more than a visual cue as to what’s going on like a klaxon, disco lights, and a foghorn bellow.

Have I mentioned, I do not want to go back there?

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