333-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

November 28th, 2552 – Re-regroup
Escape Pilot Kat James Reporting

We found our way back to our side of the expansion, but our time in the void had done a number on the Gumbo. We needed parts and repairs and that meant finding the fleet— Any fleet.

Tower and I were all for finding the Valhalla, or the Valkyrie’s View. And when Askir and Almir heard the names, they once again smiled at each other and spoke in their native tongue.

Tower looked at them. Shook his head and then repeated, “Fregnivíss.”

While Askir and Almir stared at him, he looked at me and said – “Old Norse, for ‘curious.”

He looked at them and then his eyes narrowed. “Except I believe your names should be Askr and Almr…”

They smiled at him and said something I couldn’t understand, and he answered “Miðgarðr.”

I don’t know which bothered me more: the fact that they spoke Old Norse or the fact that Tower not only recognized the language but spoke it.

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