334-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

November 29th, 2552 – Clash of the Titans
Escape Pilot Kat James Reporting

Today started out badly, we jumped into one of the places where the fleet might have been only to find a lot of wreckage and no sign of our people. The wreckage was a combination of Parataph and Ani craft with a few derelicts that were far older than anything we’ve seen to date.

While the craft seemed familiar, and you could tell their purposes, it was like comparing the first horseless carriages to the latest hovercrafts. There were enough similarities you could guess it’s purpose, but the technology was so foreign and wasteful that you were wondering, ‘why bother?’

We scanned the scene for signs of life and found a few faint traces, but as we were trying to rescue, the alarm went off. We were in normal space, nothing from the void should have made it through, only it had.

We ducked for cover just as a well-formed square opened up in space and the Lasatiea appeared.

There was a small swarm of craft and two ships that could only be described as a city block— and they were homing in on the life signs we’d detected.

The destruction was thorough and complete and a moment later it was just us and a small unrecognizable field of debris forming a ring around the nearest sun.

I was shocked, but then, running the tape back I realized, their perfectly formed jump gate didn’t open into a hall of mirrors like ours did but rather contained routes between areas – more like the routes through the void.

The Lasatiea and the Void Walkers were two sides of the same coin- and we had somehow gotten ourselves caught in the middle of their fight.

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