335-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

November 30th, 2552 – Looking back from the Glass
Escape Pilot Kat James Reporting

We were silent for a long time after the Lasatiea left. It was more than just being stunned, we were numb.

Added to that, I didn’t want to voice my theory, because I knew if I did, it would make it more real. I wasn’t ready for the truth, but it was there.

The Lasatiea, the Others, the Void Walkers the only difference between them was which side of the void they were standing on.

Askir and Almir seemed to know the moment I had put it all together, and that gave me another piece of the puzzle. They were us. The Askmiri, another face of our people, a different side of the mirror, only they were on our side and trying to survive whatever cosmic competition these Leviathans were waging.

Part of me was beginning to think I should have taken exile. That a prison world with no possibility of flight or parole was better than waiting to get stepped on, but I knew almost as soon as I thought it that it was wrong.

Out here, there is a chance. Out here we can do something about the incoming storm other than just weather it. Slim as it was- we had a chance, and a choice, and someone had to make it.

“We need to form a union,” was all I said.

It was all I needed to say.

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